The History of Armstrong Pumping Services LTD

Armstrong Pumping Services - Jasper OntarioArmstrong Pumping Services was established in 1978 by my father Brian Armstrong. Brian purchased his first truck while working part time at CP Rail in Smiths Falls. With his wife Margo Armstrong and his two young children Stephanie and myself, Randy, by his side, my father slowly grew his business into a full time job. In the beginning it was septic tanks, holding tanks and campgrounds, my father then decided to get into portable toilets, with his first ones being hand built out of wood. Brian would later go on to purchase more modern style portable toilets with all of the luxuries of home. I have recently come into the business full time, a side from helping my father in the past, I now work alongside him. I have two young sons of my own and hope that one day, they will be able to do with me what I have done with my father.

Armstrong Pumping Services - Jasper Ontario

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Monday to Friday 8 am till 5 pm. Emergency Service 24 hr Available.

We provide:

septic and holding tank pumping, visual inspections and flow tests, risers installation, effluent filter installation, minor repairs to septic tank, portable toilet rentals

We service:

Augusta, Rideau Lakes, Drummond North Elmsley, Tay Valley, Montague, Athens, Beckwith, Merrickville Wolford, Kitley Elizabeth Township